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In May 2015, the White River Conservation District purchased a Haybuster 107C All Purpose Drill.  With the rise of nutrient management planning, cover cropping, and inter-seeding pastures and hay land with grass/hay mixtures, many small farmers were interested in implementing these BMPs, but the cost of equipment was a limiting factor.  In response to farm interest, the district received an Ecosystem Restoration Program Grant from VT DEC to purchase and start a No Till Drill Rental Program for farms in the Connecticut River Watershed.  During the first two years of the program, the No Till Drill was used in 13 different farms on a total of 532 acres! Click here to see the final report and read comments given to us by farmers and landowners.
Frequently Asked Questions  
Who can use the drill?
Farmers in the Connecticut River Watershed.  Farmers in Orange and Windsor County will receive priority as it is a White River Conservation District program.
What type of equipment is it? 
Haybuster 107C All Purpose Drill, hydraulic lift, acre counter, single hitch w/safety chains, legume box 2.2 bu, single bottom agitator.  Please see the included specification sheet for more information.
What is the cost?
We charge $3 per acre to help cover administrative and maintenance costs. A $15 minimum cost is requested to help with general scheduling time on the District's end.
How do I sign up to use the drill? 
The White River NRCD will coordinate farm sign ups based on a first come first serve bases.  The district may also coordinate according to drill location to maximize in field use. Farmers interested in using the drill should contact the conservation district for scheduling, then review and sign the rental agreement prior to picking up. Farmers provide transportation and maintenance.
What can I use the Haybuster 107C for?
The drill can be used for several practices including;
Pasture renovation: Inter-seed legumes into pastures to increase soil health, improve nutrient recycling, and improve forage quality.
Cropland inter-seeding and repair: Inter-seed grasses and legumes into patchy or bare soil
Cover Crop: Reduce erosion and soil loss by cover cropping after fall corn harvests
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  No Till Drill Rental Agreement
  Haybuster 107C Specifications
  No Till Drill Rental Program Fact Sheet
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 For more information, please contact the White River Conservation District
Marina Welch, District Manager

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